Greg Connor
My music career started when Jack Curtis promoted a local rock and roll show at the
Fox Theatre in Phoenix Az. He then invited me to headline there as a singer. I was asked to record with the band that I performed with at the Fox and was discovered by Lee Hazelwood, who then recorded a few of my singles.

From the Fox Theatre to small nightclubs around town I met Kevin Young, a singer who had just returned from Hollywood. Kevin urged me to accompany him to Hollywood where we hooked up with a lot of the young cowboy stars such as Robert Fuller, John Smith of Laramie fame, and Clint Eastwood. We accompanied the stars on city tours and entertained cowboy-loving crowds.

Kevin and I recorded and released the hit song “Boy You Ought To See Her Now”.
As The Rainmakers, we toured Hollywood shows such as American Band Stand,
Hollywood A Go-Go
, Shiveree, and Shindig. We were also recorded by Dorsey Burnette,
and we toured with him in Vegas and in Tahoe.

Kevin and I worked with Frank Thorne on a recording and wrote a song for Jerry Wallace.
I went to work on a demo called “How Come Every Time I Itch, I Wind Up Scratching’ You?” which my friends Jeremy Slate took to Glenn Campbell for his next album release.

After that, I met up with a group of singers, I started singing with them but soon, one of the female singers and I began singing as a duo “Greg and Joy”. While we were in Hawaii, we came in contact with an agent and performed at all the military club’s happy hour shows. We had no backup, just my guitar, Joy’s tambourine, and her leather miniskirt.

I began to write, record, and perform my own songs at various venues in California. My interest in writing songs, about famous horses such as “Brocco The Race Horse”, and “Azeri Horse of the Year”, gave me local fame when my song about Brocco was played on ABC.

My most recent performance was for Ross Perot’s campaign in Irvine, Ca. I am currently focusing on writing and recording albums.

The inspiration for my song lyrics come from the woman I love, of course.
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